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Y Wednesday, October 27, 2010Y
7:18 PM

I'm back after a long hiatus...like again?? *duh

Hmmm seems like I've totally lost my touch with the blogosphere, hence, my hiatus~ *double duh!

Excuse me for the blabbering and what not!

Anyway!! I've finally found something that's worthy of me to reach for and hopefully I will be able to break free from my current "nest" and be fast enough to grab this "golden opportunity"!!

However...I do feel guilty for "absconding"??? Nah not absconding, it should be "departing"?? Well...whatever it is, I am definitely gonna be "free" from it~ After all...It's been almost 2 years now (to be exact, its 1 year and 8months), feelings are there and the bond is there...

Never mind if you guys don't understand what I'm trying to express...It's cuz I wanted it to be this way~

Just felt like typing down/ recording these mixed feelings of mine as I haven't been doing sooo in my blog for the longest time~

All's well ends well, I suppose! (Gambatte, Cheryl!!!)


Sidetrack a lil' for now...Since I've sorta broken most if not all of my promises to blog regularly, I shan't make another one to break all of your hearts~ *Hehs...

ANYWAY!! Recent stuffs (by recent, I meant more important events from July onwards) that happened are listed below for quick updates;

My Birthday Celebration in July,
HDB Appointment and Trip to Bird Park in August,
Science Centre Trip with Laogong in September,
Department's Team Bonding in September,
Q's Farewell @ Kbox Clementi in September,
Laogong's Birthday Celebration in October and
finally...J & J's farewell @ Kbox Clementi in October as well...

Oooh oh!! I'm gonna blog about my dearest Ping and her uber cute son (my god-son!!) Xaeden too!! Can't possibly forget this! Xaeden's too cute to resist, right Ping?? =)

Shall try, try, try my level best to update asap!!

(>.<") Alright with these, I leave you all my big-ass photo~ *LOL
That is all for now! Tata~

Y Monday, September 06, 2010Y
4:17 PM
Say Goodbye to ugly Double Chin forever!!!

Hey everyone, I'm back again!!! =) This time round I'm gonna share something that's bound to benefit all girls!!!!

First of all, ask yourself these questions below;

1) Is anyone of you out there struggling to get rid of that stubborn double chin but never gets to succeed?

2) Is it always hard to find products that specifically targets that ugly chin area??

3) Always can't stop admiring actresses/ models on tv with their beautiful V-Line faces??

4) Trying to cut down on food-intake, thinking it might just make your face look slimmer?? (This doesn't work actually and even if it does, your skin might probably go saggy and it makes the whole double chin looks worst!! Trust me!)

5) Thought of going for botox??

6) Or even willing to risk yourself to go under the knife just to achieve this lil' goal of yours?? *Ouch!!

7) Ever thought of getting a full-face slimming wrap just to achieve a much polished V-Shape face?
No, no...I ain't gonna ask you to wrap yourself like a mummy in the photo above but it's something much BIGGER!!!!

Well look no further because I'm gonna introduce the "Yufit HOT Face Shaper Bra" to all of you vain-pots out there!!! (*Hoooorays!) \(*^∀^*)/

I've actually received this amazingly cool product from "LUSH" just last week and it totally "blown" me off after I've tried it out!!!

What I LOVE about this mask is the unique self-heating that seems to start outta nowhere but somehow or rather gets to burn all those nasty fats off my chubby cheek/ chin area!!

It's like I could totally feel the mask working without worries of having to check the myself in the mirror every 1 minute!!

Sooo tell me! How could I not let this awesome product be known to all girls out there??

Check out what "LUSH" sent me!!
2 pieces of the "Yufit HOT Face Shaper Bra" for me to try out!! There's also the catalogue included to let me know more about this product~

Some of you might be familiar with this product as "XiaXue" had blogged about this wonderful product late last year too!

Alright let's start with a bare face photo of myself also known as the "Before" photo~
SEE????? Look at all those saggy fats!! Urgghhh! UGLY isn't it??

I dislike having such chubby cheeks all my life and if you're a constant reader, you would have known about me, using my favorite "Bioessence"~ It's a slimming cream that's set to target the same areas but after years of using, it doesn't seem to work much as compared to the "Yufit HOT Face Shaper Bra", the "bra" definitely nailed it better!!!

The "bra" actually continues heating for some 40minutes while the "Bioessence" just seemed to stop after like urm....5minutes or perhaps lesser???
Yeah but I still use it for my daily skincare routine to "keep in shape" and now with the invention of "Yufit HOT Face Shaper Bra", it means I can get more optimal results!!! *Yippie!!!

Here's a look at the mask!

I forgotten to take a full picture of the mask (when not wearing) but on the ends of both side of the mask, you get to see these slits which are meant to be hang onto your ears while the mask work its magic!

Here's how it looked like when hang onto ears~ Urm looks like my ears are mutated but seriously it's not...It's the last slit that I'm using cuz my face is quite big which further explains why I really really need this product!! *LOL

This is how the "Yufit HOT Face Shaper Bra" looked like when wore~
You gotta be sure that it does not covers your lips when wearing or else I will not be responsible if your lips burn~ *haha (Unless you're trying to slim your lips too?? But its not a wise move~)

During the 40 minutes I watched the TV and do some other stuffs and before I know, it's already time to remove the mask! Here's the "After" photo!! ヽ(^◇^*)/ (*I know I look like an idiot with that smile below)

Hmmm a lil' hard to see? I got both "Before" and "After" here!
Can you see the differences now?????
My face looks firmer if you can't already tell! Noticed how the "Before" looked sooo chubby and the "After" looks kinda like I've got botox injected and it's working~ *LOL

I used to think of cosmetics surgery but although I have a high pain threshold...Botox on the other hand is much costly and requires constant injections~

Eventually I reckoned that it's not gonna be feasible cuz it requires more than those and also the $$ factor~~

With the "Yufit HOT Face Shaper Bra" now everything is feasible!! Not much worries to the "pocket" plus I get to slim my face down and get rid of ugly fats! It even get rids of ugly cellulite as well!!

And here's a photo (days after) with makeup on~ The V-Line is working, yeah baby!!! =D
Soooo are you TEMPTED now???? Here's how you can get your "Yufit HOT Face Shaper Bra"!!

It's available at John Little departmental Stores (Jurong Point, Plaza Singapura), BHG Bishan (Junction 8) and at the Hereen (ALT) retailing S$35.00 per box. (There are 7 pieces inside 1 box)

If you're indoor type of girl and prefer not stepping out of your comfort home, you could also go to the website and get this awesome product from www.secretive.sg.

Y Saturday, August 28, 2010Y
11:05 AM

I know I hadn't been blogging in a very long time again...Really gotta spare myself some time to update this spider-webful blog soon!!

Damn do I hate the feeling of having to recall stuffs I did couple of months back, just to update this lil' space of mine but I'll do it all the same...Don't wanna let the passion die off in me thou' it kinda seems like it's the case for now...

Blah, blah, blah...I do sound very incoherent...Duh~!

Side note: My dearest Ping has just given birth to a healthy 3.22kg baby boy yesterday morning! Name's Xaeden (pretty cool huh? Helped Ping conjured up this special name too! =)) Anyway, both mummy Ping and baby Xaeden's doing a'ok now!

Bet Pengseng's the world's happiest man now~ haha

Congrats to em' both!! =D

And ok...Bubye all!! Am gonna get my ass off the chair to go get prepared for my hair appointment later on and to visit Ping & Xaeden too~

Abrupt end but whatever~ haha

Y Monday, July 12, 2010Y
10:05 PM

Shall talk more about this further in my next blog post!!! ( '∇^*)⌒❤ Ta ta!

Y Saturday, June 12, 2010Y
11:55 AM
IT'S SATURDAY!!! ( '∇^*)⌒❤

Yeah!!! Gonna go down to Arab St, Bugis & PC Show at Suntect with Precious later on!!!
So much things to buy and see!!
Ta ta~

Y Thursday, May 27, 2010Y
8:35 AM
Rants and what not

You may or may not know...but the way you behave is really irksome~

I seriously don't understand why you have to keep preaching/ forcing people to think and do things the way you see/ advice~

Everybody has their own way of living the life they want it to be, I don't see why I should be doing what you adviced or even presumed to be right about...

Why don't you just accept the FACT that I'm not you? I ain't living your life for you nor are you doing the same for me sooo what have you got to be angry at?

Just because I do it my way and you got mad?

Most often I get called "a kid" as you all ASSUMED I'm one but in what ways do you understand about me? You know NUTS about my life and family much less the relationship I shared with my Dearest!

Just because most of the time I listen to advices, doesn't necessarily means I should follow it and I have my own CHOICE of doing what I want, whenever and however I want cuz it makes me happy in a way or another!

Am not gonna be apologetic as well, simply because of such trivia matters~ Nor will I make myself miserable just to please you~

I'm always the "kid" and always childish huh? Why don't you reflect on yourself through the mirror and see that its actually the other way round?

Just because we don't see eye to eye, war wages though it seems amusing to me - those lil' pathetic mind games of yours that you play~

Go on, just go ahead and continue with these tricks up your sleeves...

The chinese saying of "我吃盐比你吃米多" ain't gonna work on me though you hadn't said sooo but your actions/ hints already meant sooo~

"Thy might be trampled on but thy shall remain stronger and braver than before~"

Y Saturday, May 15, 2010Y
1:54 AM

WCTAH TIHS SAPCE!! ( '∇^*)⌒❤